Projects & Portfolio

Professional Report / Graduate Exit Report – Last-mile strategies for Metrolink: Minding the Gap

I was tasked with finding a client and developing a project which would provide planning services for my client.  My client ended up being the agency that I intern for, but I was able to develop a project which addressed strategies outside my scope of regular work.

Summary (PDF)

Full Report (Please use the contact page to request a full version of the report)

Employment Density Maps (slideshow)

Presentations May 10 (PDF)

Presentation May 21 (PDF)

Transportation-related Projects

Transportation Needs Assessment

We were tasked with assessing possible transportation needs in a neighborhood in greater Southern California.  We chose Koreatown.

GIS Projects Class & Work Projects

Metropolitan Employment

I was tasked with creating maps using the processes I learned in an intermediate GIS for Planners course.  I decided to study metropolitan employment patterns using the US Census Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics survey data.

Metrolink Shuttle Opportunity Area Maps

Data Analysis

Factors which affect Southern California Public Transit Ridership

Analysis using correlation and Student’s t-tests.

Design Portfolio

Neighborhood Design Project – Playa Vista

We were tasked with redesigning a large New Urbanist neighborhood in the Westside of Los Angeles.  The partial results of the redesign are presented on the page above.

Campus Plaza – Repurpose a parking lot

We were tasked with the revision of a University of California-Irvine parking lot that is located at a prime gateway to campus.

Neighborhood Redesign Project – Cornell Alley