Culture: year end + new year traditions

Are you someone, like me, who has year-end and new year traditions that only a few other people in your community celebrate?

As we begin to close out 2022, I’ve been thinking about and planning for how I’ll be welcoming 2023. This time of year can be fraught and chaotic with many things coming to a conclusion, effort spent travelling, and, of course, family and family drama.

I’ll be spending the holiday season away from family this year and I’ve been thinking how I’ll incorporate my family’s culture in this last part of the year. That being said, here’s a bit about my family’s practices around this time of year, our bit of “culture”.

My family’s culture
New Year’s Eve
New Year’s Day
PracticesFeasts and special dishes for each date
Making and writing down wishes and goals for the new year
Attendance at our Buddhist New Year’s Day event
Year-end cleaning – to push out the old and make space for the new
BeliefsThanking and appreciating the people and things of the previous year
Hopes for long-life and good fortune
FoodsMains: Rice and rice-derived things, in particular, mochi
Sides: Soy sauce-simmered everything: root veggies, gourds,
Snacks: mandarin oranges, roasted chestnuts
Drinks: of course anything warm, beer, and tea.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and safe end to 2022 and a warm one for 2023!