Red Line Shortcuts

I put a query out on Twitter asking if anyone had a resource like this. Not even a few hours later, I found this site where someone has tackled the section between Alewife and South Station on the MBTA Red Line.

I’m thinking of doing something similar for the entire rapid transit system(!).

The Design Ocean

These maps below are for my fellow Cambridge-Somerville residents who use the Red Line every day to travel south. It tells you exactly which train door to go through in order to reach the exit you’re looking for at your destination.

Please let me know if something isn’t correct. (mchenstudio @ Also feel free to email me if you know which doors to use for destinations outbound or for any stations south of South Station.

If you re-post this, make sure you link back to this page.

How to use the map:

The maps to South Station show the train as it would appear when you’re standing at the inbound platform facing the train. The train is traveling south to the right if you’re at Alewife, Harvard, Central and Kendall, and it’s traveling south to the left if you’re at Davis and Porter.

The stations are in geographical (chronological?) order.


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