Headlines – April 15, 2014

I took a moment today at 2:49 pm to offer prayer for those 3 people who lost their lives one year ago today and for the health and continued recovery of the 260 or so injured in the Boston Marathon Bombing of just one year ago.  While praying I remembered the police officer as well as one of the accused bombers are also now deceased.  After reflecting on the passing of one year, my determination is for the creation of a peaceful society that all of us can feel proud to be a part of where violence is never allowed to come into the equation in resolving conflicts.


Todays Transit and Transport Headlines Start Now:

► MassDOT Secretaries Conclude: Public Revenue Must Be Raised or Businesses Will Relocate (CBS)

► Fare Changes ‘a coming! (MetroWest) (Boston Mag) (Office of Hon. Sen. Brownsberger)

► New Product Can Project “NextBus” Times Anywhere — Who’ll Be First in the Hub?  (BostInno)

► MBTA gets new locos: Suburbs go loco for the new EPA Tier IV locos (Eagle Tribune) (Mass Transit Mag)

► Bev Scott is named WTS 2014 International Woman of the Year

State House News Service reports on: National Express, GLSS, and Veterans Transportation Being Given Contracts for THE RIDE

► Hubway/Bixi/CitiBike? Which one is the best of North America? Grist takes aim at this “very important” question.

► The Tobin Bridge Projects are continuing with preservation work going on tonight.

► Boston Bombing Commemoration (Woburn Patch)

► High-cap fuse found; at first thought to be bomb (Globe)

► Historical MBTA Tokens on ETSY! (Etsy)

► MBTA is getting out of the homeowner business (UniversalHub)