(Future) Metro runs late: for even more reasons

The post from earlier in the week reminded me of a proposal for pushing back last call in Los Angeles and parts of California. Earlier in the year, a California state senator proposed extending last call past 2 AM to 4 AM, the partier in me was happy to hear about this proposal.

Though one caveat, now that I’ve become one who doesn’t party as much, efforts like this, to move Los Angeles toward a more common metropolitan experience should definitely be well thought out.  One suggestion for safety and security would be to ensure that rapid transit as well as local busses run to and from entertainment districts well past last call.  Los Angeles has the makings of a late night culture that can rival other cities in the world, in terms of creativity and length of night, but lets make sure that public transit plays a factor in making sure that people can do this safely.

Moving forward, as well, knowing that our metropolitan area has more than just late night partiers, as attractive as they are, I hope that efforts to provide late night service also are supported by those who might be toiling at their jobs in the dark hours between dusk and dawn.  These people are already at risk for so many physical and emotional health problems from working such odd hours, but, they are also part of our community that deserves well planned and executed public transit in service of their work.