• Bike Route: Union Square to Central Square

    Route facts Below, you will find information on two bike routes from Union Square in Somerville to Central Square in Cambridge. These routes use quiet streets and separated bike lanes as much as possible. In contrast to these two routes, the most direct route between the two neighborhoods uses Prospect Street. Prospect Street is a […]

  • Recipes: Chile con carne

    How was it? 6/10 – could go with less sweetness and a bit more spice, incredibly simple + delicious The dish Chili accompanied with a cinnamon roll (store-bought, ik ik) The recipe I started with this recipe from The Wholesome Dish. I doubled the recipe, started with a mirepoix base instead of only diced onions, […]

  • Red Line Shortcuts

    Originally posted on The Design Ocean :
    These maps below are for my fellow Cambridge-Somerville residents who use the Red Line every day to travel south. It tells you exactly which train door to go through in order to reach the exit you’re looking for at your destination. Please let me know if something isn’t correct. (mchenstudio…

  • April 2018 Transit News Rundown

    A rundown of transit news, editorials, and opinion that has appeared in Boston and Cambridge newspapers and online media. NEWS ** [$] Subscriptions may be required to view this content 4.1 – With New Services and Big Plans MBTA Buses Are Getting Some Love, Boston Globe [$] 4.3 – Could the MBTA Finally Connect the […]

  • Video: “Mapping the Dollars and Sense of Land Use Patterns” from Geodesign Summit 2015

    I saw this video from the Geodesign Summit 2015 in Redlands, CA a bit more than a month ago and I still think it’s perhaps the best data visualization of why we need to rethink greenfield development patterns. Joe Minicozzi seems like a very good public speaker that has the data-sense to build the case […]

  • Sierra Club Transport Policy Summed-Up In One Photo

    Originally posted on Systemic Failure:
    They blocked the bike lane to get their photo of the new BMW electric car. One single photo that sums up the Sierra Club approach to transport policy.